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first part

Module 1

The basics of hair styling
The first module is dedicated to getting to know the basics of hair styling, developing the skills, the practice and efficiency to achieve the highest result for a clean and artistic look.

History of hairstyles – lecturers are presenting how hairstyles are created
Introducing products and tools used in creating hairstyles
The right way to tease hair
A deep insight into how to create numerous hair styles such as leaves, sixes, cones and much more
The knowledge of hair sculpturing and how someone’s inner creativity can be developed
The students are to discover their ability to create an imaginative, unique personal style


Module 2

A close look at various periodic hairstyles applied through theory and practical demonstration

Studying and understanding the methods of combining the right products, used at the academy, to suite the right hairstyle Combining hair extensions withsculptured hairstyles
Practicing diverse sculptured hairstyles

second part

Module 3

Hairstyles used in conjunction with curling irons and hair extensions
The first part of this module is dedicated to hairstyles that involve hair extensions and a fuller curly look.

We deliver a deep insight into the diverse working methods used in conjunction with curling ironsis delivered. And we show which styles can be accomplished using this tool such as curls, waves, rolls, Afro look etc.

We combineunique methods of hair extensions to create extensive lengthening, volume and vibrantcolours.


Module 4

Fashion shows, photo shoots and industry styling trends
Module 4 is concentrated around how to separate our salon clientele and our work in fashion shows, not forgetting, implementing and bringing fourth a unique creative style to the fullest.
We will also be looking at the importance of keeping a unique look constantly throughout an entire photo shoot to capture the imaginative moment and to ensure that this look is not lost!

After having taught the bases for different hairstyles we show how to combine them with all the different fashion-accessories. And we also take care that the style fits to the individual face structure.

Study program
In conclusion we focus on how we can bring the above elements fashion shows, photo shoots and industry styling together with clothing, lighting and background to create a unique self-inspired look.

Other areas also include

• Learning how to combine hair accessories to enhance the richness of certain hairstyles
• Choosing the correct tools to practice and bring fourth an original, creative hair style
• Practical work in“avant-garde” stylewith a unique interpretation of each student.


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