Avi Malka

Hair Designer Avi Malka
The hair designer Avi Malka is considered asa groundbreaking leader in the field of hair design in Israel and is especially known for his intricate up dues, appropriate for special events.
His work doesn’t only receive rave reviews, it is also a source of inspiration for professionals who anxiously await the unveiling of his latest work.
Avi Malka began his career over 20 years ago and today he leads a professional team of the highest level in the salon he owns in Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv.
In addition he manages many courses for professionals who want to learn the secret of the trade. Avi Malka is known as a hair artist that sculptures bridal hair and hair for events with a light and precise hand in an astonishing way. And he is highly respected not only among his clients but also among his friends and colleagues in the hair design industry.
In the past years Avi Malka was invited all over Europe to design, lecture and teaching front of a large crowd of professional people who came from all around the continent to shear from his experience and see the way he works. .


Athena Wolph

Hair Stylist & Chemistry Expert
Athena Wolph, the hair stylist and chemistry expert, looks back on an impressive twenty-year-career as a hair stylist, having worked for the biggest magazines in Austria and various big brands.
She established one of the most successful salons named "Folgeeins" on Lindengasse32, in the 7th district of Vienna.
Athena defined a well-educated team over the years that has created its own collections.
For many years Athena Wolph had a partnership concerning a special seminar program and traveled around the globe giving seminars and education for L’Oreal professionals.


Yochai Mevorach

Amsterdam, Tel Aviv & Vienna
Yochai Mevorach is the triangle between Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Vienna, observing fashion around the globe. He started his career in one of the best-known places named “Hot Heads” in the heart of Amsterdam. Yochai developed his education around Europe and Tel Aviv by the greatest artists. Now he is based in Vienna - as a hair stylist and make-up artist in the successful salon “Folgeeins” in one of the most charming streets of the city and at the great agency “Making Of” in the heart of Vienna. Yochai is specialized in designing his creations for great events and big brands.


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