Welcome to the Hair and Art Academy of Avi Malka, Athena & Yochai!
Hair is a diverse and always changing industry!
No matter, if you’re a complete beginner or a highly experienced hair stylist, our knowledge will take your career to the next level!
Our courses have been specifically designed to both practically and theoretically push one’s creativity boundaries.
We provide our students with a vast knowledge by covering all areas of hairstyling from the history of style through to current trends..
  What’s more, each student will not only be exposed to our methods and techniques, but each one will also have the opportunity in putting these methods and techniques in practice right throughout the seminar.
This is a unique part of the course and is truly invaluable for each student to be a part of the salon led by true experts of the industry such as Avi Malka, Athena & Yochai!
How many times have you tried a couture cut and it hasn’t worked out exactly as you wanted or it hasn’t held particularly well, no matter how much product was used? …It’s not only by using great products to get great hair; you have to be passionate about the way hair looks.
During our course we will help you discover the easiest and quickest method to get you satisfying professional results, not to mention bringing our students creativeness to the forefront strengthening and developing a sense of security and direction.

We look forward to working closely with you!


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Hair and Art Academy -by Avi Malka, Athena & Yochai
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